We faced a really warm 3-day period in the UK. High temperatures were recorded in SW England (up to 28.C) yesterday (Thursday 26/05/2017). High temperatures will be maintain today being followed by SE light-gentle breeze, offering a pleasant feeling. On the other side of Europe, in Greece, weather looks like autumn. Large amount of precipitation were recorded (up to 80mm during the last 24 hours) especially in North Greece, where temperature remains bellow 20s.
Here, we present a comparison between greek and british weather stations around lunchtime today (Friday 26/05/2017):

greek stations


Back to British Isles, this hot wave is coming to an end on Saturday. As it usually happens, weather is going to change from SW after midnight with storms. Some places present high risk of storms following by lightning strikes. As picture is worth a thousand words, we present two storm risk maps for tomorrow: