Pecos Hank, a famous storm chaser, captured a lightning strike hitting a tree, which then was burnt. The fact was captured by different angles!


Pecos Hank is a famous storm chaser, who is equipped with a good set of cameras. This makes him able to capture all the finest details of the extreme weather phenomena he chases. Although the place (definitely somewhere in the US though) and the time of this thunderstorm is unclear, this video is simply amazing, as it shows a lightning strike hitting a tree. This particular tree in the video seems to be the lucky guy of the day, as it is hit by a second lightning strike slightly later. Pecos Hank uses different cameras located at different places, so having a different aspect of the fact, while zooming on to the strike allows us to have a detailed look! As expected the tree gets on fire…


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So, let’s have a look at Pecos Hank and this amazing lightning strike: