It seems that we really miss snow this winter in Europe. However, Canadians never miss it! Watch the breathtaking timelapse video in this article!


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In Newfoundland of east Canada the snow is abundant. The following 24-hour timelapse video shows a balcony which is vanishing due to a prolonged blizzard occurred on 18/1/2020!



Winter has come in northern US and Canada. In the present article we present six videos that summarise the wintry conditions in these regions during the last week.


During the last week, winter has come in the northern corner of America with snowfalls and cold temperatures. This is not that awkward for this period of the year. This situation is linked with the fairly mild weather in Europe. As winter in Europe is still wanted, let’s have a look at the following videos in order to get into wintry mood:


Ontario, Canada – 29/10/2018


Denver, Colorado, 30/10/2018


Trinidad, Colorado –  31/10/2018


Montreal, Quebec – 3/11/2018


Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel, Colorado –  3/11/2018


North Wisconsin – 4/11/2018