Winter has come in northern US and Canada. In the present article we present six videos that summarise the wintry conditions in these regions during the last week.


During the last week, winter has come in the northern corner of America with snowfalls and cold temperatures. This is not that awkward for this period of the year. This situation is linked with the fairly mild weather in Europe. As winter in Europe is still wanted, let’s have a look at the following videos in order to get into wintry mood:


Ontario, Canada – 29/10/2018


Denver, Colorado, 30/10/2018


Trinidad, Colorado –  31/10/2018


Montreal, Quebec – 3/11/2018


Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel, Colorado –  3/11/2018


North Wisconsin – 4/11/2018

europe november weather

The weather over Europe is expected to be fairly mild for most of the regions. However, at northwest conditions may be quite unsettled. See the comprehensive analysis for 1-10/11/2018 below.

In eastern Europe (including southern Balkans) the weather is going to be mild and dry with temperatures much above the average. The possibility for any rainfalls is insignificant. It is highly likely that foggy mornings will come up in central and northern regions of eastern Europe, but mainly around Black Sea.

In the northwest Europe, low pressure systems will be developed affecting these regions with rainy and windy weather at times, but with around average temperatures for this season. Snowfalls may occur over higher grounds in Scotland, Iceland and Scandinavia.

Finally, in Iberia, parts of France, Germany and southern Scandinavia the weather may be unsettled with rainy and brighter spells and temperature around the average.

There is a trend that the circulation over Europe will change around the middle of November, but there is no high confidence for this. We will inform you for any significant changes about the weather in our continent.

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europe november weather