The northmeteo team presents the weather trend for the first 10 days of May. The circulation pattern is likely to change in early May over Europe, while temperatures are expected to be around the average for the most of the continent.

The estimation refers to the period 3-10/5/2018 and is a general depiction of the trends of the main global forecasting models.

Anticyclonic conditions are expected to be settled over northwestern Europe (which means drier weather in general). Although the temperatures are not going to be too warm over this region, parts of Spain, France, Germany and regions further to the north of Alps may reach temperatures ~25°C at times. The weather will change into drier in the UK, with a possibility of some rainbands to affect mainly the western parts of the country, and temperatures around the average for the season.


The position of this anticyclonic system will cause the restriction of colder air masses over Iceland and northern Scandinavia, where temperature may be under the average and snow may occur even at mid-lower ground. In addition, the anticyclone mentioned above will cause the transportation of (relatively) cold air masses to eastern Europe and regions around Mediterranean sea. At first stage, this situation will affect regions around Alps, Italy and Balkans (including places in Greece and Turkey), with convective storms but also unsettled conditions in some places (especially around western Italy and southeastern France, where extreme rainfall events may occur due to possible cyclogenesis).

The southern parts of Mediterranean sea (including norther African coastal area) will be affected by significant rain after 7-8/5/2018.


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χάρτης Μαίος 2018

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