Variable weather conditions are expected the next fortnight over Europe. However, it seems that there are two weather scenarios, which are likely to occur.

The next ~5 days, cold weather with possibility for snowfalls is expected in eastern Europe, while rainy and windy conditions may occur in western-northern parts of our continent. Fair weather is expected for the southwestern countries. For the period between 13/12 and 17/12/2018, there are two scenarios which may take place.


Scenario #1

This scenario may take place during the first part of the reference period. According to this scenario, the wide low pressure systems will remain restricted in the Atlantic ocean. Small protrusions of these systems at the south may push the anticyclonic conditions (at the east) to move northwards. In this case the “gate” from Atlantic to Europe will close and the colder air masses over Europe will remain over central and northern parts with snow at times and places mainly in central parts. The cold air mass over central Europe may “touch” the warmer Mediterranean Sea forming small depressions or cyclonic systems which will affect mainly northern and eastern regions of the Mediterranean with snow/rain.


Scenario #2

This scenario may take place during the second part of the reference period following the first scenario. However, if the Atlantic low pressure systems remain at the north, then the first scenario cannot occur. According to this scenario, Atlantic lows will penetrate western and central Europe pushing the anticyclonic conditions eastwards. The weather in western/central Europe will turn into rainy and windy patterns. Small scale depressions may affect eastern/south-eastern Europe. The northern places will be affected with snowfalls at times, while at southern regions west stream will dominate with rainy weather at west windward places.


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