As we wrote in an a previous article, weather is going to change gradually and rapidly within today (16/2/2016) from northwest to southeast. Heavy rain showers have already been occuring in western parts of the UK. Although temperature in Ireland and Scotland didn’t rise too much, the warm front coming raised the freezing level height to more than 1800 m, and this is the reason that snow isn’t falling even in Scottish highlands for now. However, a quite interesting evolution of this frontal system will be occuring during the next 48-72 hours. I will try to give very briefly a few information on the weather that we should expect across the british isles:

Today 16/02/2016

Rain showers: are occuring (and they will for the rest of the day) in Ireland and mainly west of Scotland (here showers might be heavy at times). Scatterd phenomena in eastern parts of Scotland. Weather is going to clear in Ireland late in the night. Some rain showers will occur in northwest England and northwest Wales late at night.
Snow showers: will occur in the evening and then over 500-700 m in Scotland and Ireland.
Just cloudy weather: in east parts of Scotland (there is a chance for rain showers though), midlands, east and south England, south Wales. There will be a few sunny spells during the day and some scattered clouds, which will be more, gradually, after the evening.
Winds: SSW acrross the country, 20-30 Km/h in south areas, over 60 Km/h in Ireland and Scotland (especially northern parts).
Temperature: in Ireland 5-9.C, in Scotland and NW Wales and England 4-7.C, in rest of England 3-7.C (maybe close to 0.C in very east parts of England during the night, if there is not enough cloud coverage)

Tomorrow 17/02/2016

Rain showers: in Wales, NW England and low lands of east Scotland (in the morning). Late in the afternoon, eastern parts of England will be affected, gradually, by rain (locally heavy at times).
Snow showers: in Scotland (especially west) over 200 m, even at low ground later in the day (but in a more temporary way). Later in the evening, snow will occur over 200-300 m in central places of Great Britain. Wintry showers or sleet lower close to midnight.
Clear skies: in Ireland. Actually, there will be  scattered clouds and there is a chance for snow showers over 300 m and wintry or dain showers lower.
Winds: Westerlies 20-30 Km/h
Temperature: in Ireland 3-6.C, in Scotland and NW Wales and England 0-3.C, in central parts 2-5.C and in southern regions 1-7.C

Thurday 18/12/2016

The weather is going to clear, gradually, from west to east. However, there is a small chance for snow even at low levels in Wales, north England and maybe midlands for a while in the morning. It seems that the predictability for this day is still bad, as there is a small chance for the formation of a secondary low.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the wintery weather, which is coming.

Stavros Keppas