Desperate efforts, by a quite mild (wet and windy though) winter, to present a colder aspect during the remaining few wintery weeks. It’s worth noting that cold air masses (order of -3 to -9 at 850 mb) are going to stay for at least 10 more days over the British Isles. As a result, the snow risk is getting higher and higher. Let’s see what we should expect for the upcoming weekend, having a quick look at the next (very interesting) week.

Friday 12/2/2016

Partly cloudy with some sunny spells over the whole country, due to the lack of any organized system over our region. However, orographic phenomena as wintry or snow showers over 200-300 m at centre and north areas are possible. Later in the afternoon, rain showers may occur at south and south-west regions. Weak easterly flow will be dominant, being stronger at north of Scottland (4-6 bft). The temperature will reach even 10-12.C at central and south places, where periods of sunny spells are going to be longer. Minimum temeratures will be around 3-5.C at South, around 0.C at central continental areas and slighlty negative in Scotland.

Staturday 13/2/2016

Unsettled conditions again over higher levels with orographic phenomena as wintry showers or snow over 200-300 m, but even at low levels in north Scotland (here showers might be temporarily heavy). After the midday, an occlussion passage, through English Channel, will change the weather at south regions into more cloudy with a few showers. Easterlies may be a bit stronger especially at central and south places. There will be no significant change of the temperature.

Sunday 14/2/2017

Weather is gonna be colder gradually after lunch time (so as this is the Valentine’s day, hugs can keep couples in love warmer 🙂 ).  Rainy begining at southwest (around Cornwall), but showerσ will be stopping until early afternoon. Wintry showers will take place at east regions (from Pennines and further east) of the UK and some snow over 200 m at central places and even at low levels of Scotland. In the rest of the regions weather, it will be partially cloudy with a small chance for wintry showers at northwest and midlands. Easterlies will steer to northeasterlies (no significant speed change). Temperature will drop from afternoon and then at close to 0.C (or even slightly negative) around the country. There will be ice risk during the night especially in places far from the coastline.

What should we expect next week?

Next week is starting with low temperatures (early in the morning -4 to -2.C in areas far from the coastline, even lower in Scoteland) especially during the night and early morning (high ice risk), but with clear skies and foggie mornings. Significant change is being expected on late Tuesday from west. The evolution of this system depends on the timing of the arrival of the system. Parameters, such as how quickly it will be cloudy during Tuesday, thus how significant the temperature increase will be and when the phenomena are going to start, will affect the snow risk at low levels (even in large cities, as Birmingham and Manchester or even London). So, interesting week ahead of us!!! Stay tuned…

Stavros Keppas