This December has started in a fairly cold pattern for the western parts of Europe. Northerlies have advected cold arctic air masses over the UK and this can be seen in the temperature loop below. Although extreme lows were not observed, it is impressive how the temperature dropped from north to south due to a cold occlusion and how low temperatures were uniformly observed along the British islands :

Some photos taken from airplane yesterday (8/12/2017) reveal which regions were affected. The first picture shows a snow shower in the western horizon of London Heathrow:


Due to northwesterlies,the places that were affected by short-period snow storms in midlands were located along a line from Liverpool-Birmingham-Oxford. This is depicted in a very representative way in the following photo, which imprints, in fact’ the track of the storms in the wide area of Birmingham:


It is also illustrated that the temperature in some low ground regions (valleys) in midlands and south Wales, was marginally not favorable for making snow remain on the ground:



In contrast, higher ground areas in Wales were totally covered by a “white dress”:


The same occurred in northern Ireland:




Finally, this is a fair example of what can be caused by cold advection over the “warm” North Atlantic ocean: