Weather Station Owners Rewarded: Greek Start-up’s Innovation

A Greek start-up company promises rewards to those who own a weather station and want to dispose their weather data.


WeatherXM is a Greek start-up weather company that aspires to develop a broad and powerful weather network covering the entire Earth with weather stations.


To buy your own weather station and join WeatherXM’s project click HERE.


As the data maters, WeatherXM is developing a series of Data Quality Controls to assure that:

a. a weather station is well deployed by the user (e.g., installed outside far from significant obstacles etc.)

b. the observations have the expected temporal resolution presenting normal fluctuations


The Quality of Data mechanism ultimately leads to a fair reward scheme, wherein the company’s cryptocurrency is used as the form of payment. This reward scheme specifically rewards data that fulfill a series of logical criteria, such as displaying irregular jumps or maintaining consistency.


Quality of Data is not the only mechanism that regulates the rewarding scheme. WeatherXM wants to cover the Earth placing stations at areas that are not adequately covered, but also at areas needing representation. In order to do this, WeatherXM is developing a methodology to define zones of representation (by at least one weather station) based on topography (elevation and orientation of slopes) and land use (urban, green, coastal areas). This aims to build a multi-purpose weather network that will serve a broad variety of needs.


At the moment, WeatherXM builds the network based on the weather station models that have been designed by the company (which means that weather sensors are carefully selected), but in the future there is a plan for embracing individual stations or from other local networks in order to eventually create the largest unified weather network in the world. During the first year more than 3,000 weather stations have been deployed worldwide making it a quite promising project.


There are available two weather station models, which measure temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation solar radiation and pressure. The difference between the WiFi and the Helium weather station models is that the first is connected to the WiFi and comes with a cutie in-house monitor displaying the current weather, while the second is connected to the Helium network to transfer weather data to WeatherXM.


Both stations are updated by WeatherXM via the network, which means that new updates bring new features and capabilities to your station. Finally, the user is able to download the WeatherXM app to connect wallets and check weather conditions recorded by the weather station remotely. The app also provides an improved weather forecast for the location of the station, which takes advantage of station’s measurements.


To buy your own weather station and join WeatherXM’s project click HERE.

To look at the current deployment via WeatherXM’s explorer click HERE.



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