We are travelling to Zurich to get some Christmas spirit in the snowy city of Switzerland. The snow depth exceeds 15cm at places.


The members of the NorthMeteo.gr group mostly love snow more than other weather phenomena. Most of us wish at least once a year to wake up in the morning and face some fresh snow out of the window. This happened this morning to Ioannis Katharopoulos, who now lives in Witikon, an area of Zurich. The area is located at an elevation of 550-660 metres. The snow depth in this region exceeded 15cm in just a few hours this morning. In the meanwhile, the centre of Zurich got white and snowy too.


In this article, you may see a video and lots of photos showing the snowy area of Witikon this morning. You may also see a great view of the centre of Zurich at the end, where the snow depth was significantly lower.


It should be highlighted that in the next days the possibility for a series of new snow episodes is fairly high!