Pakistan: Heavy snow causes deathly avalanches on the mounts (videos)

Last week’s snowfalls caused deadly avalanches in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Snow is occurring over many mountains in the country.

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Some of us may may not think of snow when hearing the word ‘Pakistan’. However, the mountains of Pakistan are able to receive high amounts of snow during the winter,

This year, snow exceeded any expectations and sadly avalanches caused dozens of deaths (on 14/1/2020) in nortwest mountains of Pakistan (Neelum Valley, altitude 2000 m).


The video below shows how the situation was:


In the next video, a rescue team try to find for survivors in a dramatic way among a snow storm:



Watching the nice aspect of snow, a train traveler is checking on his list the wish “Watch some snow” traveling to the city of Quetta, through the region Shela Bagh at 1900 meters of altitude (central Pakistan).



Finally, another youtube user highlights the historic occurrence of snow in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 17/1/2020, a region of just 960 meters of altitude:


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