Weather is changing in Europe. Is it getting colder or warmer and where?

The year 2020 has been characterised by the fact that no season has presented its weather traits. Moving into summer, we should expect the weather to get warmer, but what we should actually expect?

1 The period 1-5/6, we should expect the Azores antticyclone to raise over the north Atlantic Ocean. This will not affect directly the weather of southeastern Europe.

2a. The raise of the anticyclone will allow colder air masses from Greenland and the Arctic Ocean to move to lower latitudes, causing the formation of a deep atmospheric depression and possibly an organised low pressure system or a family of low pressure systems over Scandinavia. This will affect the weather of central and mostly northern Europe (including the UK) with a different (comparing to the previous period) unsettled pattern of weather with rain and strong winds at times.

2b. These colder air masses may move slightly far to the southwest affecting even Iberia and parts of Italy with some convective weather during afternoons.

3. Finally, the period 5-9/6, all the previously mentioned situation will push some warmer air from Africa to southeastern Mediterranean affecting southern regions of Italy and southern Balkans (mainly Greece) with warmer weather as thermometers may record again max temperatures large than 30s over continental areas.


However, it is important that according to the current data, all this situation will not remain for a prolonged period. Unsettled and chilly weather may return in central and southern Europe after 10/6 as the trapped cold air mass in central Europe tends to last for long and move further to the south.


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